You want to be the first to receive your unit? Reserve it now!


 The Reservation process is free, you dont have to send any money to reserve. We will use a first come first serve when it will be the time to ship all the units to you. The process will be started to receive your new Coktails Dispenser


What we have to know to reserve your unit?

Your Name, your email to be contact, how much pumps do you want, how much row of pumps do you want (like 2X5 is 2 rows by 5 pumps = 10 pumps).

The U.A.D. Cocktails could come with different size. The smallest unit have 3 pumps and the biggest 60 pumps for now. It is possible to place 9 pumps per each row , you can place your pumps from one row up to 5 rows (for standard models). 30 pumps and more need bigger setup but are very nice!


Do you need flow sensor?

The U.A.D. Cocktails is very accurate without them if the line is correctly fill and out of air bubble. All calculation is made by time so nothing will see ari bubble in the line. Flow sensor will give the maximum precision but will be more expensive. I think for most people it really fine without them.


Do you want Manual pumps?

We offer manual pumps to use outside of your U.A.D. Cocktails. For your Juice container for example. Those pumps are inexpensive (10$) each, you have to insert 3 x AA battery and it’s ready to use.

To use it, you just have to push the switch with your glass or your jar


Others Special Needs?

Do you need special design to fit perfectly in your place?