Where it Started


The history of U.A.D. Cocktails began with a future billiard club project. Similar dispenser were selling but without the features I was looking for. The others used a phone and needed the internet to function without mentioning that it was impossible to connect a large quantity of bottles on them and the price higher than 4000 $ for 5 pumps system!

The beginning of U.A.D. Cocktails were taking root. So we had the idea of ​​making something that corresponded to what we’re looking for:

  • Capacity of multiple bottles (50 pumps)
  • Totally Functional without internet
  • With onboard LCD touch screen  (without using a phone or tablet)
  • A high-quality, durable case.
  • An affordable price (model available = over $ 4000 for 5 bottles, ridiculous)

Those were the first criterias we had set.


Most People Like it


At that time, this dispenser was designed only for commercial use. It was only after we talked to other people around us that the idea of ​​making smaller system seemed clearer to us. They all found the idea very interesting. Designing it was going to take a lot of effort, so if people like it and are interested in, why not!

We kept this in mind throughout the design. So instead of just creating a single model for our needs we had create several to meet the needs and budgets of everybody.




We did not want to offer a single product on a tablet, that did not meet the specific needs of the customers. That’s when I decided to provide personalized service. The customer must be able to choose the number of pumps, the disposition of them and the options he wants. Thus the dispenser will be accessible to all with a variable price depending on the chosen options.


Onboard LCD Touch Screen


I quickly understood why the competition did not use screens on their products. The easy option was the phone with Wi-Fi. Operating a small screen is extremely complex. Make this screen an interface for an operator is even more complex! Complex but not impossible.

Once the correct screen was found, you had to be able to read a database from the system without going through the Internet. I would say that 90% of the database servers are on the internet and not working without it. Again, it was the easy solution. Our system will come with onboard database.


Final Product


Once assembled, the U.A.D. Cocktails was beginning to take shape. We can now offer a system that have its own internal database of more than 50 000 cocktails recipes. This allows you to make these cocktails effortlessly and with the greatest accuracy, with your favorite bottles. Make your choice and reserve yours now!

Try it! You will not be disappointed