What is it? / FAQ

What is The U.A.D. Cocktails?

The U.A.D. Cocktails is a dispenser machine of all types of liquids


What is it used for?

Its main function is to dispense cocktails accurately, without mess, without hassle using an internal database of more than 50,000 recipes. The database will use your ingredients bottles to search for available cocktails


How many pumps can be installed on The U.A.D. Cocktails?

For now, our biggest model could have up to 60 pumps, but our goal is to increase this number so that we can make a larger amount of recipe with a single system. The smaller system come with 3 pumps, it’s a small system but the U.A.D. Cocktail have an option to add Other Ingredient (for example all Juice). The Database will Search with those ingredient too so you will able to add Juice manually to your cocktail


Should it be connected to the internet to work?

Absolutely not, although the device has Wi-Fi functionality, there is no need to connect to the Internet to operate the system. The database it’s inside. The unit is completly standalone


How many models are offered?

The model depends on the customer’s need. We have designed some basic models in order to offer an idea of ​​what can be made. However, if you have special needs, we will be happy to assist you in designing your personalized U.A.D. Cocktails system


How far should the pumped ingredients could be installed?

The distance is theorically unlimited. The liquid sources can be arranged just about anywhere. This allows you to reach refrigerated ingredients or to install a large quantity of bottles without cluttering your counter near the dispenser. On the other hand, when using long tubes, it becomes imperative to use flow sensors in order to know when the liquid will be returned to the dispenser


When The U.A.D. Cocktails Will be available?

Our Kickstarter Campaign will start Mid April 2018, it’s comming soon! Unit will be ready to ship 4 to 8 weeks after the end of the campaign.  If you want to be the first to receive it you can reserve yours now! Fill the contact form with your name and what you want and we’ll use the First arrived First serve politic to ship units!


Will The U.A.D Cocktails shake my Cocktails?

No, It is not impossible but more complex, more expensive way! We built systems to be durable, solid and affordable. We think that people are able to shake, add ice or other ingredients like juices. Your system will dispense your favorite cocktails recipes accuratly and will give you all other instruction you need to finish your cocktails!


Why choosing The U.A.D. Cocktails?

The U.A.D. Cocktails come with a lot of interesting feature like :

  • Fast Dispensing of your favorite Cocktails recipes
  • Internal Database of more than 50 000 recipes
  • Onboard 7″ Lcd Touch Screeen to make your selection
  • Nice effect RGB led lightning
  • Bluethoot audio speaker system (included usb, micro sd card input, 2X25watt output)
  • 3 to 60 pumps systems
  • The U.A.D Cocktails is affordable compare to other available system
  • No internet connexion or cellphone need to make your unit working
  • The perfect system for all your small to large party


How it Work?

The U.A.D. Cocktails use Peristaltic pumps to dispense your favorite cocktails recipes easyly. Each bottle have it’s own one. When you make your recipe selection, each selected pumps will run to dispense the amount it needed to make it. The brain inside the system contain all the cocktails recipe and will send out the signal to turn on the apropriated pump for the specific period of time.

Your cocktails is ready!, add fruit, soda, ice, everything you dont want to dispense with your U.A.D Cocktails